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IP video surveillance for Education

Education is one of the most important sectors of any country. But, with the recent surge in lawlessness at educational campuses and schools, video surveillance has become the need of the hour. It not only creates a secure environment for the students but also for the faculties. Apart from this, intelligent video analytics ensure that the authorities do not need to monitor the premises continuously. Furthermore, optimizing existing resources makes iLive IP Video Surveillance ideal for any educational setting.

Solution Scenario

IP video surveillance for Education

Solutions for the Industry

Centralized Video Surveillance Solution

Integration with Access Control

Perimeter Security

iLive Security Solutions

Why iLive

Monitoring Cameras

Our live video monitoring capabilities cover Delhi NCR. No matter where your business is, we can protect your assets.

Faster Response

Our solution improves police response time since the criminal activity is being seen in progress.

Total Service

We monitor your entire surveillance network and take immediate action when we see a property threat or detect a network problem.

Industry Experts

We have developed our solutions by working on thousands of projects and businesses over years. Our team is dedicated to providing first-class customer service.

Latest Industry Tech

Advanced video analytics & powerful hardware solutions combine to give our monitoring team the tools needed to achieve results. Our team stays on top of the latest technology for our clients’ benefit.

Save upto 25-60% on Security & Guard Expenses

Monitored security cameras offer a better, more thorough and reliable level of protection than human guards at a fraction of the cost and with less liability.

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