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Monitoring Designs, Installs, Services, & Live-monitors Security Solutions

Traditional security systems are reactive. They typically wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the police after criminals are already on your property. This often results in false calls, delayed police response time, and a greater opportunity for criminals to get away.
iLive takes a proactive approach with live monitoring and surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms. We watch for and evaluate suspicious activity in real time. Our trained operators activate speakers at unwanted trespassers who typically go running off your property, since they are unaware they are being watched! We call police with live reports on criminals often before they break in or do damage.
Tired of doing your own video searches? iLive has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data, if available. iLive’s video review department helps save clients time and money by providing customized reporting to help deliver video evidence and customized reporting.
Key Benefits of Video Monitoring Include:

Save Money

Typically 25-60% less than security guards

Never Sleeps

We never take a break from monitoring your site

Low Monthly Fee

No upfront or hidden costs

Cover Many Areas

Simultaneous views at any time

Records Activities 24/7

Provides video evidence to help document incidents

Cannot Be Intimidated

Helps ensure the safety of your staff


Video review services

iLive’s Video Review department is available to you at your convenience to search for video evidence of incidents.

Remote maintenance

We can often identify, diagnose and repair technical problems remotely without your even knowing an issue has occurred.

IT services for remote support

iLive’s IT staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We provide comprehensive training to your team, so you are completely familiar with the use of your surveillance system.

Go-live reporting

iLive provides day and night shots for your review when your account goes live to identify areas where lighting insufficiency may exist.

Consulting and advisory services

Experienced iLive employees can help you design a solution to reduce and deter crime.

Audio deterrent

iLive supervisors activate audio speakers, if installed, to deter criminals before they damage property.

Full-time project management

iLive employees customize and manage each camera installation to fit your needs.

Video archive

Recorded video is backed up and stored for specified amounts of time for future retrieval.

Expiring video hyperlinks

Your team will have access to video events, but we limit the lifetime of the links to comply with risk and legal requirements. However, we can re-enable the same link should you need it.

Management reporting

iLive will proactively show you the results of all the activity going on at your property.

Incident backup

We will produce, store and deliver your high-quality incident video content indefinitely as long as you are our customer. Footage can also be beneficial for prosecution or insurance purposes.

iLive Security Solutions

Why iLive

Monitoring Cameras

Our live video monitoring capabilities cover Delhi NCR. No matter where your business is, we can protect your assets.

Faster Response

Our solution improves police response time since the criminal activity is being seen in progress.

Total Service

We monitor your entire surveillance network and take immediate action when we see a property threat or detect a network problem.

Industry Experts

We have developed our solutions by working on thousands of projects and businesses over years. Our team is dedicated to providing first-class customer service.

Latest Industry Tech

Advanced video analytics & powerful hardware solutions combine to give our monitoring team the tools needed to achieve results. Our team stays on top of the latest technology for our clients’ benefit.

Save upto 25-60% on Security & Guard Expenses

Monitored security cameras offer a better, more thorough and reliable level of protection than human guards at a fraction of the cost and with less liability.

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